About Us - Wästikivi

About Us - Wästikivi





We offer you a wide range of selections of different grinding stones, for knives, scythes and other prducst that need sharpening.
Our family business has more than 20 years of industry experience and we are able to respond to the most demanding challenges with our expertise.
Wästikivi is the desired whetstone, for both professional and amateur users.

We are a customer-driven company, knowing  our customers’ requirements.
Tampere University of Technology tested the sanding properties of our products  and German Messer – Magazine- magazine tested Wästikivi‘s grindstone 3/2008 with great results.

Phyllites using variations range from grinding stones to the upholstery of monuments and buildings and paving slabs. Flint hard and nonslippery phyllite has tight surface which withstands the weather, rain or sun.